Quick and easy shoes scanning application WAT
and released for free under the Creative Commons.

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To begin, you have to first open our mobile application and get your target shoe in focus on our camera.


Next, you have to take a clear picture of the shoe and wait for our servers to return the shoe you are looking for.


Finally, after a few moments, you will be presented with the name of the shoe that was selected for scanning!


Starting out as young, hungry Computer Science majors, we generated this idea at the University of Maryland - College Park. The idea came to us at a Augmented Reality Hackathon, and we have worked day in and day out to produce the best shoe scanning application on the market for our consumers!


Ever been in a situation where you see some nice shoes and just have to know the name of them? Our vision includes allowing anyone to scan any shoe around them and to get instead results. This easy-to-use mobile application is essentially the sneaker-heads dream come true, and a pedestrians way of getting into the shoe game.


By using augmented reality appliances such as Vuforia, mixed with highly reputable Computer Vision technology, we present to you: What Are Those!

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